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Here are many prayer points for you .You can pick one and email to us and we will send its prayer to you either through your email or posting. If there is any prayer point that you need its prayer but it is not here, you can email it to us and we will send its prayer to you. If there is any prayer point that you think that is needed in this prayer sit please send it to us.We have thousands of testimonies every month from people around the world through our  prayers here to them. Be part of them with your faith.


1).Prayer to be Loved by people. (2)For unmarried peopl to get married. (3) For married couple to have a happy Family. (4)For pragnant woman ,for safty delivery. (5)For childless woman to have children. (6)For impotent man. (7)For promotion in you office or job. (8)For Jobless people to get good job. (9)For Travelers. (10)For upliftment from millionaire to billionaire. (11)For reconciliation with God. (12)For Breakthrough in life. (13)For happy friendship. (14)For healing of all kinds Sickness. (15)For deliverance from ancestry courses. (16)For being Favoured from people. (17) For growth of your company or factory. (18)For wisdom. (19)For contexting a position or post. (20)For somebody possed by demons. (21)For somebody under spiels. (22)For people with mental problems. (23)For protection from the enemies. (24)For business growth. (25)For academical progress. (26)For acomulation of wealth. (27) For distruction of sharms. (28)For those that are being accursed falsely. (29)For release of those suffering for what they have done but has repentedof it. (30)For connections. (31)For upliftment from zero level to millionaire. (32)To avoid miscarriage. (33)For Spiritual upliftment. (34)For Spiritual gifts. (35)For Spiritual strength. (36)For a sinner to repent. (37)To avoid pre-mature death. (38)For widows or widowers.    






The most loving and precious God I thank you for your infallible, unfailing and immeasurable love upon me.  I appreciate all you doing and deeds in my life. I am sorry for my sins because sin begets sickness. Forgive me as I repent of my sins and wash me with the precious blood of your son Jesus. May your mercy be shown upon me now oh Lord.

 I am confident that you are still in the healing business, I hold on to your irrevocable word which stipulates that  “He took away our infirmities and bore our diseases and by his stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:4-6) your word also says that no one shall complain of being sick on this land and there sins shall be forgiven them. So heal me supernaturally, emotional, spiritually and otherwise now in the wondrous Name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen (READ Isaiah 33:24, Psalm 103:3 Isaiah 38). 



 The ever glorious and Eternal Father you are my transformer and the giver of strength, I don’t have the strength and power of my own to forge ahead in this spiritual life, for I know it is not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of Hosts so impart me now with your unfailing and great strength and energize me with your supernatural power as I believe your power is made manifest in my weakness (Read Psalm 28:7, psalm18: 2, Isaiah 40:30-31, Ezekiel 37: 1-14).







The triune God and blessed trinity I thank you so much because you are a generous and cheerful. You have never denied people their requests that pleases thee unless they have not asked or knocked at your door, I desperately need and desire those spiritual grace gifts (Gifts of tongs, gift of prophets, gift of healing etc.) so equipments to perfect me in my ministry or calling as to be qualified and approval on the cast obey (Matt .7:7, 1Cor. 12, Isaiah 44:1-6 ) .





I thank you Heavenly Father, that you that made Mary to conceive by the power of the Holy spirit will also make me to conceive. I also thank you for all the good things that you have been doing in my life. My God, I ask for purification and sanctification through the blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, any sin that will lead to the termination of the life of this innocent child, father have mercy and sanctify. Father you are the one that put this child in my womb and not the devil. The devil did not contributed for this pregnancy and therefore no evil forces, no demon, no curse, charm, no occult, no witches and wizard, no wicked person have the right to take my life and that of this child neither during delivery nor before delivery.

Father, you said that your people will deliver as the people of Hebrew, may my delivery be sound and save. The God of pregnant women help me to deliver as Mary the mother of Jesus, in Jesus Name  I pray. Amen.



 My God and my creator I thank you God for making me to be a male/female (identify your sex) and also thank you for you said in Genesis 2:24 that a man or woman will leave his father and mother and join his wife or her husband they will become one. I also thank you because your son came and die for me (Mention your Name). Merciful father i confess  my sin to you  today  and as I am standing before you here today I am  also rejecting all the evil thing I have been doing in the past that are offensive  to you. Is there any way that I have been living a life that has been glorifying the devil, my God today I am making a promise that I will only live a life that will glorify you.  Any sin committed by my  ancestors that has been  affect my marital  life, father I stand on their behave here pleading with you to for give, for you said in Ezekiel 18:4 that the person who sins is the one who will die and that you will not visit us with the sins of our  fore father. Is there any person or group of people that my ancestor offended in one way or the other and because of that they have pronounced cause on my marital life. In the name of Jesus I command my ancestors to raise and ask for forgiveness and because my Lord Jesus forgives those that crucified him.I am commanding you to accept their forgiveness with my own and renounce and denounce  all the causes you have pronounce in marital life in the Name of Jesus. My God bless me with a husband (if female) or wife (if male) for the day you called me to serve you, you promised to bless me. Bless me in the Name Of Jesus I pray Amen.   Prayer to be loved by people Psalm 51 &106   Almighty   father you are the creator of the world and everything inside it, you created everything  out of love and in love, you created me (your name). I thank you because out of this love you send your only begotten son Jesus Christ on earth to die and redeem us. I ask for pardon in any way I have sinned against you and I have brought this carnality of hatred by people upon me. My father and my God, use the blood of your son Jesus Christ to clean me from my sin. I am making a promise that I will never go back to my pass life that was offensive to you and I am also promise to love people as you love me.   Almighty father in the name of Jesus I  ask you to make people love me the way you love me because  I know that you love me, because  you said in the book of 1John 4:9, this is how you show that you love  us. You send your son and only son into the world  that we might live through him. My God as  I have dropped my old life that did not please you, I beg you to take away the evil  perfume with bad odour that the devil has spread upon me that make people  hate me or the mark that the devil have stamped me  with that make people be droved out of my life, my body and everything that belongs to me. All the demons of bad odour following me in the name of Jesus I cast you all out of my life to abyss and never try to follow me again. I thank you God for making people to love me again and I believe it is permanent in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen (Plead the blood of Jesus 7 (seven) times and cover yourself).